Tora Tora Tora


TORA TORA TORA is a re-creation of the December 7th 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. It's accomplished through hundreds of dedicated volunteers -- most belonging to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) working as ground crew, maintenance, pilots and pyrotechnic experts. The purpose is to create a dynamic history lesson about the event that propelled us into World War II .....and entertain.

Kyle Franklin's Flying Circus

 World renowned comedy act like no other.     Kyle Franklin, son of late airshow legend Jimmy Franklin, has been flying for 27 years, has been an airshow performer since the age of 17, and flying professionally for 15 years.  Kyle’s passion for his career and lively hood can be a tangible experience to all those who witness his elaborately constructed performances.   

Dan Buchanan


Dan Buchanan flies some of the quieter aircraft on the air show circuit, with a smooth, silent tow-launched hang glider and also a quiet, agile motorized wing for remote performances that are not near airports. Dan was a custom-home builder with an avocational love of flying until 1981, when he became paraplegic due to consecutive sporting accidents. Despite his handicap, Dan returned to flying just a year later and since then, his tenacity and adventurous spirit has allowed him to accrue more than 2,400 hours of flight time in hang gliders. 

Devil Dog PBJ-1J


– On display she is silent and dark blue, a fierce Marine core bulldog on each side and even after 74 years she is mammoth and menacing. But when her two Wright Cyclone 1700HP radial engines roar to life, the Devil Dog, a WWII B-25 Bomber is deafening and ready for action. 


Paul Fiala

 Like a burst of sunrays reaching out toward the earth, a brilliant yellow & orange custom-built aerobatic bi-plane maneuvers passionately overhead as an enthusiastic audience watches in expectation for this veteran performer's next move at the Central Texas Air Show. Classic twists and turns combined with climbs that die at their peak then seemingly fall uncontrollable are all part of the joy of aerobatic flight for Paul Fiala. The Great Lakes bi-plane he performs in is reminiscent of the old barnstorming days.  

RE/MAX Skydiving Team


The RE/MAX Skydiving Team, famous for its exciting entrances into football stadiums, NASCAR races, festivals, and other events all across North America will wow  the Central Texas Airshow crowd.