Devil Dog PBJ1J

 If you have never experience the rumble of the Wright 2600 engines, you are in for a treat.  Sign up for rides on the Devil Dog PBJ-1J (marine version of the B-25) 

Collins Foundation Huey

Rides will be available throughout the day during the show in this Vientnam Helicopter.  Cost between $80 & $100

Commemorative Air Force AT-19

Schedule a ride in the Stinson AT-19. 

The AT-19 is a WWII veteran also.  This aircraft was made in Detroit, MI by the Stinson Aircraft Company in November 1943 as part of the Lend-Lease Program.  Royal Navy 605 was shipped to England and then further shipped to India where it performed coastal patrol off the Eastern shores of India.  Rides Cost $175.00

Commemorative Air Force T-34 Mentor

 Many military aviators started their aviation career in the T-34 Mentor.  Come experience the thrill of what flight training was like during that time in military aviation!  

Kachemak Bay Flying Service R44 Helicopter

Take a hop on the R44 during the airshow for $40.00